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The Hidden Asset in Your Life Insurance

No more waiting for your insurance to pay out on death - Turn your life insurance into an accessible, valuable asset!

Do you know you likely have a valuable asset? Do you know that you could liquidate that asset without fulfilling the contract by dying? Yes, we are talking about life insurance. It is possible to have immediate access to the cash hiding in your life insurance policy through Arthur Blake Wealth’s Executive Life Settlement Program. You may then use that cash for reducing or eliminating your debt, paying off your mortgage, gifting to loved ones, donating to charity, or simply traveling and enjoying that lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Alternatively, you may reinvest your capital into tax-advantaged investments for additional retirement income. The opportunities are endless and the choice is yours!

Many people have experienced significant, practically irrevocable losses in both their stock market assets and their retirement accounts. Turning to banks and lenders is not their only option! An often overlooked valuable asset is their life insurance policy which they could exchange for immediate cash NOW.

So, Who us Eligible?

You may be eligible if you're between the ages of 65 to 85 years old and you are currently paying premiums for life insurance policies that you have held for years. This includes Term Insurance, Cash Value Insurance, Traditional Whole Life, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, and Variable Life Policies.

You may be eligible if:

  • You are retiring and have a buy-sell agreement with a partnership.

  • You're the key person in a business arrangement, and that business arrangement is coming to an end.

  • Your company or your partnership is being sold or dissolved.

  • You have an insurance plan as part of a collateral assignment and that collateral assignment obligation is coming to an end.

  • You are paying premiums that have increased or will increase dramatically, and you wish to not continue with your policy.

  • Your policy has a death benefit of $50,000 up to $50 million.

  • Your premiums are becoming burdensome and you need access to capital.

  • You’re no longer the key employee or officer in a corporation.

  • You have insurance owned by a trust that is being dissolved.

  • You no longer have a need for your marital union/family trust policies.

If any of these sound like you and you have considered canceling your life insurance policies, keep reading. Do not cancel your plan before contacting our team at Arthur Blake Wealth.

If you have life insurance that was held as part of a business agreement, such as a partnership agreement, or, if you are a retired or retiring executive from a corporation that held life insurance in your name, you may be eligible for an executive life settlement. You may have been paying premiums on term life insurance for 10, 20, or even 30 or more years during your career. You may notice that your premium is about to increase dramatically, and you are considering no longer paying for that life insurance.

Alternatively, many people conducted estate planning a few decades ago at times when estate tax thresholds were historically low. This meant that there would be excess taxes on any household net worth or estate valued above $2 million. Many people like you who foresaw their estates growing into the millions, may now consider selling large amounts of their term life and/or cash value insurance if their tax burden has decreased significantly with the new tax laws.

If you are thinking about canceling your policy just because the estate tax has changed, or your wealth did not accumulate as predicted,

please discuss this with us first.


Contact us so we may salvage your asset’s hidden value!

We urge you - DO NOT drop your policy until you contact us. Your life insurance policy could be a valuable asset for you and your family. Tens or even hundreds of thousands of your premium dollars will be nothing but pure profit for the insurance company if you cancel. These valuable policies are most often eligible for a life settlement program that could benefit you, your family, or your business.

Unsophisticated and non-fiduciary agents may tell you that your policy no longer has value and that you should either cancel it for the cash or replace it with a smaller policy, allowing them to reap the benefit of a new sales commission at your expensive loss. While canceling a policy may liquidate some cash value for you, it could leave thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

You may be sitting on a valuable asset that will allow you immediate access to cash!

Throughout our combined thirty-five years’ experience in the life insurance industry, we have typically seen $0.10 to $0.60 , even as high as $0.70 cents on the dollar for the death benefit that you have in force. Let’s say that you are 70 years old and that you have a $500,000 policy that you don’t expect to continue to pay for because your business partnership has dissolved.

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Why Executive Life Settlements by Arthur Blake Wealth?

Our team has over 35 years’ experience in the life insurance industry and we are licensed in over 40 states where these programs are regulated. We adhere strictly to all regulations in our industry to protect our clients and their best interests. We are a fiduciary group so we represent YOU. As fiduciaries, we are obligated to put our client's interests first and foremost before the interests of ourselves as well as those of any potential buyers, purchasers, or groups who will be involved in purchasing your policy. Again, we represent you. We also have extensive networks which we leverage to negotiate the best possible offers on your policy. Together, we will review the offers and select the correct buyer. The entire process is confidential.

Once your policy is sold for cash, you have no more obligations on that insurance contract. You simply cash the check and use that capital however you see fit for your lifestyle, whether that be reducing debts, paying off your mortgage, providing an income for you and/or your spouse, gifting money to your family, paying your children’s or grandchildren’s college tuition, or donating to charity.

During those long working years, an executive like yourself is often trapped paying premiums, mortgage payments, and reducing debt. Isn’t it time for hardworking executives like yourself to break free from premiums and start living the lifestyle you always imagined? With Executive Life Settlements by Arthur Blake Wealth, this could be possible!

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Success Stories

We worked with a 72-year-old retired widow who had a $10 million term life insurance policy with a Fortune 500 insurance company. Her estate attorneys advised her to sell $7 million of her policy and to retain $3 million for her family's trust. After an auctioning process with our confidential buyers, we were able to provide her and her family trust an excess of $887,000 dollars.

We also worked with a husband and wife in their mid-70s, who each had $500,000 term policies that they had purchased when they were 50 years old. Unfortunately, their policies were to expire within four years because of a significant premium increase. And, their policies were not convertible because they had passed the conversion privilege. Instead, we were able to get $127,000 cash for his policy, and $51,000 cash for the wife’s policy.

We helped a retired physician who had sold his practice to a partnership and had $6 million of life insurance policies (term, blended whole, and universal). To maintain these policies, his ongoing annual premiums would total $250,000. Instead of canceling his policies - which would have yielded him a small cash refund on his whole life policy and zero refund on his term policies - we secured $2.75 million for him. He then used his capital for his family’s lifetime income planning in amounts comparable to his partnership’s revenue during its previous 25 years in business.

We also helped a 62-year-old woman who was highly leveraged with debt from a failing corporation she had co-founded. For her $750,000 whole life insurance policy we secured her a $272,000 cash offer.

Start the Process Now

Start with a quick, no obligation, and strictly confidential 5- to 10-minute call with one of our fiduciary brokers. On this call, we’ll explain our Executive Life Settlement program. Within the next 3-5 business days, we will provide a detailed evaluation as to whether any of your policy(ies) are eligible to receive viable offers.

What kind of insurance can I sell?

You can sell any kind of life insurance that you have purchased as an individual, trust or corporation. Most types of life insurance are eligible, including:

● Term Life

● Whole Life,

● Universal Life

● Blended Life

● Index Universal Life

● Variable Life

How do I qualify?

Qualifying is easy! Simply complete our brief online survey or call to speak with one of our fiduciary brokers. By answering a few simple questions about the policy(ies) you own and briefly describing your current health and age, we will gauge initial interest in purchasing your policy among a select group of exclusive buyers we partner with. Your personal information will remain anonymous until the actual, tentative interest for your policy is received.

How much money can I get for my policy?

The amount of money you may receive depends upon the type, age, and size of your policy. Additionally, your age and your health factor heavily into potential offer(s). Our experience can help you land offers up to 70% of your policy’s death benefit value.

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